9th february 2009


this is why you're fat
Thisiswhyyourefat.com is my favorite new website.

6th january 2009


Over at tumblr now...

5th july 2008


It's been awhile...
Yay! Hello Livejournal! I can't say that I've missed you all that much. I've been over on Tumblr and it's just awesomely way better than you. I do wish all of my blog entries were in one place though, it does kill me that LJ and Tumblr can't like, live together peacefully.

Anyway, here I am. I am still alive. Many things have been new, mostly at work because work is pretty much the only thing I ever want to talk about these days.

I need a vacation, somewhere I haven't been before and I might have to go alone. I am not seeing anyone at the moment as has been the case for the past year or so and it really doesn't bug me at all. Work duties are once again going to be changing and I'm looking forward to some new project to keep me balanced but I'm not really sure what that will be at the moment.

Either way I do miss reading my friend's list. I took a look at it and woah so many things are happening. I also don't like busting out long entries anymore, it seems like work... especially when I used my Livejournal for so much soul searching and therapy before that I can no longer do, friends locked or not.

26th april 2008


I miss not having a TV show.
2008 really creeps me out because it's now been 10 years that I've been producing video. I started in High School with my own cable access show called Assorted Pork Chops, named after some stickers I stole from when I was working at my local Food Lion. I later moved to San Francisco where I had my cable access second show called Television, a name I thought to be really clever due to the ways you could say it, like "Thank you for watching Television", etc.

Anyway, I haven't been doing much original video for for Gawker recently and I just saw this review of a NYC cable show that looked pretty good and now I'm feeling the urge to make my own stuff again. I would never go back to doing cable, it's far too much work, 30 minutes a week is not only too much but I wouldn't ever want to make a video that long again... I think my senior film was only 15 minutes and that took me over 2 years to make.

Fuck, I over slept and missed Good Bad Movie night.

17th april 2008


i heart tumblr
i have been using tumblr, i don't know if i'm going to be writing here anymore...

3rd april 2008


Media Meshing Tonight
Media Meshing at Sweet & Vicious on 5 Spring Street after work. If you're in media of if you just like media or you just like drinking you should come out.

More info here.

30th march 2008


The Island of Dr. Moreau
I just watched The Island of Dr. Moreau on Hulu.com, the whole thing commercial free. It was awesome. I always wondered where the line "He who does not obey the law goes back to the house of pain" came from.

27th march 2008


taxes are done...
and i owe a lot, not as much as last year but very close. but they are done, i may move on with getting my life together, next stop is seeing a doctor and dentist, then i'm going to get a new york driver's license. whoop!

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