richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

birthday photos!

sausagefest 2006! aka my birthday party

fucking nick with that damn camera

john and mike t. singing a journey song for me

me and the dress up kids

air guitar solo

even brad made it

what's not to love when mike is on the mic

alan and conrad, who i haven't seen in years

there's the happy couple now

oh what a stomach blakeley, come on!

i forgot what i was doing at this point

i really like this one

it was so loud i had to stuff tissue in my ears

why do white guys always want to put their hands above the waist?

ok, who needs to see that now

even mike thought it was too loud

arms down asshole! no wonder you can't get chicks!

oh now this is just too much

did cobrasnake shoot this one or what?
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