richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

transition from web powerhouse to video powerhouse in full effect ya'll!

so work on one of the major websites liz left me with is almost complete. i have been working on it since 8am and i am finally so tired that i am just going to pass out and pick it up again tomorrow.

i have also decided to drop the jewelry site, leaving only one more floral site to do. wonderful, just wonderful.

ahhhhh so tired...

miramanga was talking shit about my videos, saying i should put more time into them... i have no time! and yet one of my latest has now hit the FRONT PAGE OF YOUTUBE'S MOST VIEWED VIDEOS!. besides, the longer it takes for me to make them the less i make, so quick turn around times are a must...

i bet she would say, well if you put a little more time into it maybe it would be number one... i guess she would be right, for now i am just going to have to settle for #14!

and just in case you weren't one of the OVER 18,000 PEOPLE who have already seen it:
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