richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

still pushing ahead...

after so many hours of work on one website, i know my productivity starts to lag, i continue to sit here and work on the website though... hour after hour, only doing a little less in each hour than the last...

the good news though is that i have totally figured out this code, haven't mastered it yet but i know enough to change what i need to. also i am making an automated news thing that i invented all by myself, no help needed, it's really lame but it feels good to know i built it from the ground up myself.

now all i have to do is fill it in, make the 4 pages that go with each one and a directory and the website is pretty much finished.

i don't know if i plan on working on the final site tomorrow or going out and just chilling... i think i will just chill, and pick up the work again on tuesday. you know, take a day off and stuff... cause my brain is fried!
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