richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

sporting the threads, making da' chippa jealous

this one is not from on the toilet, in fact it's on the go! so i am moblie... hot...

chippa, question, is rocking a track jacket with your name blazed across the front dressing too hard?
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your pixxxxelation is distuuuuurbing.
More x == more sex.
that's what i actually look like in real life, don't you remember?
you are made of computers.
That jacket rocks ;)
I totally missed it! The jacket is rad. Who put the letters on?

it was only of the only things liz ever got for me while we were together, it was for my birthday and it took her 6 months to get it
We should live in the same town. NYC is cooler. I'll grab H and we'll come there.
i really like new york, i couldn't imagine being anywhere else. you guys know what it's like to live just about everywhere in the US, who knows where you will be at anytime.

it would be cool if we lived in the same town, that i agree with completely.
We could go to American Apparel and show them how to wear velour.