richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

freaky dream last night...

i was at gawker making a project on the computer, i think it was in photoshop, for a story. i didn't save it and i walked away from my desk to watch some tv... when i cam back it had all been changed and it looked horrible, i was like WTF, and the guy next to me was like, well you were busy so i changed ti for you. i was like, WTF! it looks horrible, i hadn't saved it yet and now i have to start over!

i looked down at my watch (apparently i wear a watch in my dreams) and it was 1pm, an hour before i was supposed to leave. so like, i was like, well i don't have time to redo this today, i have to leave. then jessica was like, but this needs to go up today! it's a big story! if you leave now without finishing this you're fired!

so i was like, what do i do? stay and redo it and miss my after work meeting? i was going to lose one job for sure either way but i was still really pissed someone messed with my file.

i can't really remember what i did, i think i just left thinking that they would get over it. this must be part of me being torn between the two ways of making money, gawker on one hand and freelance on the other.
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