richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

that explains a lot

my "grills & bling" video from the VMA's was featured on VH1's Best Week website, I wonder if it was on that weeks show as well... anyone know? anyone actually watch Best Week Ever on VH1?

From VH1:

Last night’s VMA’s wasn’t about the performances or the moonmen or the choreographed treadmill dancing (okay, it was a little bit about the choreographed treadmill dancing). Last night was all about one thing: The Bling. Check out this amazing video Gawker put together, then go out and buy yourself a brand new grill. Because you deserve it.

me says:
September 1st, 2006 at 4:59 pm
another reminder why Gawker is the stupidest site on the internet.

from here:
Grills & Bling on Best Week Ever
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