richard blakeley (blakeley) wrote,
richard blakeley

nearly complete

so i made 8 individual news pages, now i just need to link them from the front page and create archived news section and this site is just about complete. thank god rob is going to help with this or i would be totally screwed.

there will be no rest though, i have another one to do right after this that needs to be done in a week, not quite sure i can do it. next weekend i will be staying in just to do it... it's going to suck though... for real...

i heart watching football games
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I don't envy you but I soooo wish I had your talent. I know I have talent in other things but... still...

Nubs - keep at it - you'll get the good job done :)
i will, thanks, it's just going to take longer than i think, like everything... one day i will either get faster or i will learn that it just takes forever...