3rd september 2006


still pushing ahead...
after so many hours of work on one website, i know my productivity starts to lag, i continue to sit here and work on the website though... hour after hour, only doing a little less in each hour than the last...

the good news though is that i have totally figured out this code, haven't mastered it yet but i know enough to change what i need to. also i am making an automated news thing that i invented all by myself, no help needed, it's really lame but it feels good to know i built it from the ground up myself.

now all i have to do is fill it in, make the 4 pages that go with each one and a directory and the website is pretty much finished.

i don't know if i plan on working on the final site tomorrow or going out and just chilling... i think i will just chill, and pick up the work again on tuesday. you know, take a day off and stuff... cause my brain is fried!

2nd september 2006


transition from web powerhouse to video powerhouse in full effect ya'll!
so work on one of the major websites liz left me with is almost complete. i have been working on it since 8am and i am finally so tired that i am just going to pass out and pick it up again tomorrow.

i have also decided to drop the jewelry site, leaving only one more floral site to do. wonderful, just wonderful.

ahhhhh so tired...

miramanga was talking shit about my videos, saying i should put more time into them... i have no time! and yet one of my latest has now hit the FRONT PAGE OF YOUTUBE'S MOST VIEWED VIDEOS!. besides, the longer it takes for me to make them the less i make, so quick turn around times are a must...

i bet she would say, well if you put a little more time into it maybe it would be number one... i guess she would be right, for now i am just going to have to settle for #14!

and just in case you weren't one of the OVER 18,000 PEOPLE who have already seen it:

1st september 2006


hands down the most amazing video i have made at gawker yet
Grills & Bling at The 2006 MTV VMA's

i made a few more too, they are under the cut:

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i have been thinking about some stupid things lately
i have been thinking of the good/bad that will come of the breakup between liz and i... and i start to think things like, well maybe my next girlfriend won't smoke, that would be nice. that is a completely logical thing to think right? but then my mind keeps going and i think, oh and maybe she won't have lame ass t-mobile and she'll have cingular like me, then talking to her won't use up all my minutes.

that's like crazy right? funny i know, but crazy.

31st august 2006


diary of a park slope mommy backlash!
when i arrived at gawker 2 months ago they started a new feture called "diary of a park slope mommy", which i had the pleasure of making the graphic for...

here is one of the latests responses:

"Kwalshie says: Please make the Mommy go away. The graphic alone makes me cringe."

my work is making people cringe, awesome

from here:


i guess it's just you and me gilbert...
my only roomate left to central amercia today for a wedding, so it's only me and my giant stuffed catfish gilbert left here in my apartment.

...anybody want to come over and keep me company?

25th august 2006


birthday photos!

sausagefest 2006! aka my birthday party

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help! dormroom needed at pratt tomorrow!
anyone want to make some quick and easy money? i am shooting a short video for MTV tomorrow and i need a dormroom. any of the freshman dormrooms will do but i will settle for willoughby if i have to.

the shooting will be from 11-3pm tomorrow and i can pay you in cash money for the privage of shooting in your dorm room. if anyone is interested please reply here tonight or call me tomorrow at 760.500.2147.

i will be at pratt tomorrow and not on the net, so if you are reading this saturday morning you must call!

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my videos i shot this morning made it to the online political blog of the new york times

from here:


oh my god so funny
Tom Suozzi Campaign Video #3

so today i met the man who could be new york's next governer, if only he wasn't trailing in the polls by a landside, some 17% to elliot spitzers 70%...

he was really nice, funny and i screwed up the interview by letting him look at the questions first... but damn, these videos i made are really funny! two others under the cut...

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