24th august 2006


happy birthday to me!
Richard Blakeley opens his first present of the day from his lovely mum...

yes, i am a goofy bastard i know.... for those of you who know me in real life does my face actully do that when i am talking? if so i need to start wearing a mask. and lastly don't forget i am having a huge birthday bash tonight at the alligator lounge! if you can read my friends posts you are invited, if you can't then... you aren't.

23rd august 2006


today i am just really sad and pissed off

one of the mornings liz hadn't called me and i was stressing about the the work i had to do. i took this shot of myself, my cellphone has awesome graphics huh? i was in bed, extremely depressed and messing with my phone, i felt like i wanted to capture how sad i felt... as a matter of record, i don't know why... probably to judge if over the course of the next couple of weeks/months i was actually getting feeling better.

i wear my thoughts on my face, i am very easy to read unless i am totally fucking with someone... below the cut is the sadest photo i think i have of myself, and not from the good angle of my face either...

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22nd august 2006


what is with all the video posts?
Richard Blakeley Takes A Walk Up Broadway With His Shadow

i really love my new phone and how it takes videos, the best part about it is that i always have it with me, and the even better best part is that it is so east to transfer and upload files to youtube with it. sure the quality sucks, but with little videos like this i would never take the time to fully edit them via an actual video camera.

i like showing little vignettes of my life, i think there is a lot of truth to it, it's who i am, what i see during the day, what my surroundings look like. i hope to post more videos like this, and some even more personal ones, as if you were me at different parts of the day doing the things i do...

and i also do them in the hope that others will too, i really enjoy the videos people have been posting


over the bridge

every weekday morning i cross over the bridge on the B train, it's beautiful in the morning. i love how everyone is in the same state, they just work up, dressed for work, ready to take on the day. the crowd is typically older than mid-day or late night... i always wonder what te skyline looked like back in previous decades, and what it will look like in future ones... and the clothes that people wear, and the fact i could catch the same train 5 days a week for nearly 2 months and never see the same person twice, and believe me i would know because i stare at people like it's going out of style...

21st august 2006


what richard? are you serious? another toilet post?

why do i like these so much? maybe it's because i just think it's funny... but maybe it's the only time i am not working on my computer during the day... i just don't know. either way i continue to do them, this time shirtless! thank god for youtube!


this video is just like liz and i's relationship...

...so why in the hell are they still together and we aren't?

20th august 2006


i'm like famous or something
any fans of digg here? who have user profile icons? care to take a look at this mosaic comprised of over 10,000 digg user icons? i found mine in less that 5 minutes...

from here:


two days of cleaning....
after going through over 2,000 emails in my inbox (seriously, it was over 2,000 emails) i have finally cleaned up my inbox. now i just have 8 left, and i am keeping in there as a short todo list.

today i am having brunch with luxnightmare, it should be pretty awesome.


it's official, liz and i are no longer together
yesterday i finally heard from her, she said that she just couldn't take it anymore and that it wasn't fair to me that we were together and she was doing nothing but treating me badly. i didn't really feel like there was anything i could say to try and get her to change her mind, the more i try to bring us closer the more she pushes away.

i hope that she changes her mind before it's too late, i still love her of course (but will no longer tell her) and i honestly think we should be together, but unfortunately i can't force that so for now i go back to being single... single but not looking that is.

18th august 2006


still no word from the girlfriend...
now i am wondering if i actually did something wrong, i mean i wonder why i haven't heard from her... like this is really messed up. i can't think of anything i could have possibly done to deserve this?

tomorrow i may have to redo a major amount of work to a site that was nearly completed by liz, also i don't have any 'recent' versions of another website at all, one so complicated i wouldn't know how to redo it if i tried... so... this weekend is going to completely suck for more reasons than just liz...

so liz, if you are reading this, PLEASE UPLOAD THE FLA'S FROM YOUR LAPTOP, PLEASE!

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