11th september 2006


tomorrow there will be a nuclear war


Poll #818713 tomorrow's apple keynote

What will Apple's keynote tomorrow bring?

Apple Media Center
Upgraded 6G iPod
iTunes movie downloads from Disney
Updated Nano
Upgraded AirPort Express for Movies to TV
A new and wonderful product not even listed here

10th september 2006


nearly complete
so i made 8 individual news pages, now i just need to link them from the front page and create archived news section and this site is just about complete. thank god rob is going to help with this or i would be totally screwed.

there will be no rest though, i have another one to do right after this that needs to be done in a week, not quite sure i can do it. next weekend i will be staying in just to do it... it's going to suck though... for real...

i heart watching football games

9th september 2006


that explains a lot
my "grills & bling" video from the VMA's was featured on VH1's Best Week Ever.tv website, I wonder if it was on that weeks show as well... anyone know? anyone actually watch Best Week Ever on VH1?

From VH1:

Last night’s VMA’s wasn’t about the performances or the moonmen or the choreographed treadmill dancing (okay, it was a little bit about the choreographed treadmill dancing). Last night was all about one thing: The Bling. Check out this amazing video Gawker put together, then go out and buy yourself a brand new grill. Because you deserve it.

me says:
September 1st, 2006 at 4:59 pm
another reminder why Gawker is the stupidest site on the internet.

from here:
Grills & Bling on Best Week Ever

6th september 2006


suri cruise is totally asian

they probably got the baby at the same store "brangilia" got theirs


i want i want i want!
24 inch imacs!



5th september 2006


for carrie_apple


freaky dream last night...
i was at gawker making a project on the computer, i think it was in photoshop, for a story. i didn't save it and i walked away from my desk to watch some tv... when i cam back it had all been changed and it looked horrible, i was like WTF, and the guy next to me was like, well you were busy so i changed ti for you. i was like, WTF! it looks horrible, i hadn't saved it yet and now i have to start over!

i looked down at my watch (apparently i wear a watch in my dreams) and it was 1pm, an hour before i was supposed to leave. so like, i was like, well i don't have time to redo this today, i have to leave. then jessica was like, but this needs to go up today! it's a big story! if you leave now without finishing this you're fired!

so i was like, what do i do? stay and redo it and miss my after work meeting? i was going to lose one job for sure either way but i was still really pissed someone messed with my file.

i can't really remember what i did, i think i just left thinking that they would get over it. this must be part of me being torn between the two ways of making money, gawker on one hand and freelance on the other.

4th september 2006


sporting the threads, making da' chippa jealous

this one is not from on the toilet, in fact it's on the go! so i am moblie... hot...

chippa, question, is rocking a track jacket with your name blazed across the front dressing too hard?

3rd september 2006


tomorrow i plan on chilling...
i am soooo close to finishing this website i have been working on... so close. oh man, but i am so tired, must sleep now, tomorrow i am taking a break from it, or maybe i will work on it before i go out with some friends later on.

either way, i am so close, this one and then one more and i am out! damn... this is going to be awesome.

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